About the Author

Nick Corbishley is a writer, journalist, teacher, and translator based in Barcelona. Formerly a senior contributing editor at the San Francisco–based economics and finance news site Wolf Street, he is currently a regular contributor to the US financial news and analysis blog Naked Capitalism, where he writes about financial, economic, and political trends and developments in Europe and Latin America. He also worked for many years at a well-respected business journal in Spain. Nick is an occasional speaker (in English or Spanish) on economic, political, and geopolitical topics. Nick holds a BA in History from Sheffield University, speaks three languages (English, French, and Spanish) and is a regular visitor to his beloved country-in-law, Mexico.

“”Scanned” by Nick Corbishley is essential reading; this book explains in an incontrovertible way how ‘vaccine passports’ have already closed off basic human liberties in many parts of the formerly free world, and shines a light on the mounting layers of dystopia and control for which they form the foundation. No one should risk missing the information in this book.”—Naomi Wolf, New York Times best-selling author of The End of America and Outrages